Rotary dieboards for the cutting die industry

Apaulo is a world leader in manufacturing rotary dieboards. Our strength comes from our ability to produce a very consistent and competitively priced high-quality rotary dieboard. Several key aspects set us apart: the quality of the face and inner veneers, straight edge cuts, smooth sanding, dimensional stability and professional packaging. Our team of experts adds the latest technology to its woodworking talents to manufacture the best possible products at the highest value. Our exceptionally high production capacity and great desire to satisfy customers have both been part of our tradition since 1988.

Conveniently located in southeastern Canada, we offer all the advantages of the area’s excellent logistics. We can ship products to our worldwide customers via truck, train, ship, or plane. Thanks to our large production capacity, efficiency, and ideal location, you can benefit from fast shipments.

Curved Die Board
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