Apaulo – Curved plywood manufacturer

Our mission is to produce the highest quality rotary dieboards at the best possible price. We constantly strive to be a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of rotary dieboards. Our product line evolves with customer needs in an enriching environment for our employees and a culture of innovation. We make every effort to enhance our customers’ buying experience and establish long-term business relationships.

Major player in the rotary dieboard industry

Our company was founded in 1988 by Monique and Yves Compagna and established in Waterville, Quebec, Canada. Year after year, the company has strengthened its relationship with users of all types of products made with curved plywood. In 1995, we started developing our dieboards. Our knowledge in curved plywood allowed us to quickly become a major player in the rotary dieboard industry. Our expertise and standards have greatly contributed to high-quality standards within the industry overall.

High level of quality and efficiency

The company is now doing business worldwide and is constantly growing. Our team of 50 experienced employees is always attentive to customer needs. Each and every member contributes to the company’s daily success – which is why we have an extremely high level of quality and efficiency.

Curved Die Board
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