Apaulo – High quality rotary dieboards

We take great pride in the dimensional stability of our rotary dieboards. Thanks to our use of only the highest grade veneers and revolutionary proprietary manufacturing methods, diemarkers and diecutters alike use our boards with confidence when jigging or mounting to a laser, cylinder, or press.

Our quality is reliable and unmatched

With our boards, you don’t need to inspect your wood upon arrival. Our quality is reliable and unmatched. Panels are straight, not twisted, and thickness control is within tolerance. Say goodbye to large voids, overlaps, and brittleness. The success of our rotary dieboards is due to our efficiency and constant attention to quality. Our rotary dieboards are available in beech or maple. We offer two thickness standards: 1/2″ or 5/8″.

Large selection of sizes

Our large selection of sizes keeps growing to match new customer demands. Currently, our longest board is 120″, but a much longer board is possible without difficulty. Let us contribute to your success!

Curved Die Board
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